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​Soarchain is a Layer 1 built on Cosmos SDK network that enables a token-incentivized data and connectivity infrastructure for mobility. With its native smart contracts, ...
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Airchains is a versatile and powerful framework for creating customized rollups with a variety of options. Our framework supports EVM, SVM, and CosmWasm-based rollups
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Six Sigma Sports

Six Sigma Sports is a blockchain-based sports betting platform designed to revolutionize the betting industry by democratizing it. Built on the Sports, Gaming and Entert ...
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Realio Network shatters the barriers of blockchain innovation, delivering an unprecedented Layer-1 ecosystem nestled at the heart of the Cosmos ecosystem. It doesn’t jus ...
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Planq is a leading Ethereum-compatible layer-1 blockchain network built on the Cosmos SDK. At Planq, the vision is to create a global community empowered by our mobile-fi ...


BitCanna is a blockchain platform dedicated to the cannabis industry, aimed at enhancing transparency, traceability, and financial transactions within the sector. Leverag ...
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BitSong challenges the music industry’s establishment, flipping the table with its cutting-edge blockchain technology. It’s more than just a platform: it’s a revolution ...
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Aura Network represents an advanced ecosystem aimed at stimulating the global adoption of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) by traditional users. The ambition is to develop an ...